Apr 2019
Test Your Knowledge and Win Money

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If you have passion for answering quiz and sharing your knowledge from trivial to serious topics, you can earn money by just doing that! Shocked!! Well, this is true a new quiz app Quizistan gives you a chance to play quiz online and win money from the comfort of your couch.

This article shows you how exactly this application works, the types of questions you will be asked and how you earn money for answering the questions.

Quizistan is a genuine app that really pay you for answering quiz questions. But of course, with earning money answering quiz online, it’s not always a given that you become rich overnight. Although, you will be a able to earn a respective pocket money for yourself which can be used to buy a pizza or afford a movie ticket.

Earning money answering an online gk test is really a genuine way to earn extra money on the side, no doubts about it. But you must be very good at answering questions to make a success with this.

It’s not easy as when you get paid to play quiz online but it can be more exciting, especially for those who love challenges. However, you should play these quizzes keeping in mind that you can’t get rich with quiz programs. They are meant to be fun ways of earning something on the side, but definitely not a way to get rich. So, see Quizistan only as way to bring in extra money while having fun in the process.

How can you earn money playing quizzes on Quizistan?

Firstly, Download Quiz App (Quizistan app) from our official website www.quizistan.in where it is available for both android and iOS devices. Then, register using your original name and choose language. Now, you will be required to enter your personal mobile number which you will use to play game. For each referral, you will be sent a code on this mobile number which you will have to enter in the app to score a 50-50 lifeline.

Now, choose the topic of your choice you want to play. Remember, Quizistan was a free app earlier but now it is a paid app so you will be charged an amount from your wallet to play a particular game. Therefore, you should always keep some money in your wallet to play Quizistan quiz game.

Quizistan has various topics for its players such as General Knowledge, Science, Maths, Mythology, Bollywood, Music, History and Geography, Who am I, Who is Lying, Food and Travel, Cricket, Sports, Business and Politics etc. The questions are all multiple choice with four options to choose your answer from.

As a player, you are usually given 10 seconds to answer each of the 8 questions, shown on the screen in each game you select.

Time frame to answer the questions in just a few seconds, this is done to prevent you from googling for answers.

As you answer your questions correctly, you will earn some points.

The more questions you answer correctly, the more points you earn. Ofcourse, there are different points for different answers.

At the end of the day you are able to cash out the money you have earned in your wallet. However, the minimum amount required in your wallet to cash out is Rs 30.

Also, you will be required to deposit your PAN card to receive the payment in your bank account.