Apr 2019
Test Your Knowledge and Win Money
If you have passion for answering quiz and sharing your knowledge from trivial to serious topics, you can earn money by just doing that! Shocked!! Well, this is true a new quiz app Quizistan gives you a chance to play quiz online and win money from the comfort of your couch. T...
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Mar 2019
General Knowledge Questions and Answers
Quizistan makes it easier to improve general knowledge of the students with the help of its GK trivia quizzes. The best part is that it is live online gaming app and you can win real money on the go along with brushing up your knowledge. The quizzes are designed in such ...
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Jan 2019
General Knowledge Quiz Games for Students
One of the best ways to test your general knowledge is by playing a quiz game and answering its questions. If you want to expand your learning about your society, culture, civilization, nation, food, and other surroundings, then going for a gk quiz online is a perfect option. ...
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Jan 2019
General Knowledge Quiz for Students
One of the best ways to build your awareness of the world is by building your general knowledge. Mastering general knowledge will not only improve your grades and get you good marks but will also make you smarter. Quizistan offers you with the fun filled general knowledge quizzes...
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