Mar 2019
Simple Math Quiz with Answers to Make Money Online

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Maths itself is a very interesting subject. Even a few of us run away from it but at the same time, it is the most favorite subject of a lot of others. You must be solving various maths questions and calculations from books and enjoy when all your answers are correct. You can imagine how happier you will be when solving all the maths questions correctly can lead you to earn real money. This is possible with the help of Quizistan app where you can play live maths quiz every day. Not only the winning amount but this will also help you to improve your mathematics skills and calculations.

A lot of students and even the elders are participating in various mathematics Olympiads and contests for which they need to revise the basics and solve practice questions. The best way is to do so by playing the maths quiz online. So it will end their search for maths quiz questions with answers as each of the question’s correct answer will be displayed after the time to answer that question gets over. This way you can do the practice and revise your maths knowledge from anywhere through your mobile phone. This will erase your worry to take out time and do maths practice on pen and paper and find suitable questions in books.

The player can be of any age group, be it a child, student, elder person, professional, teacher, housewife, or old age person. Games on the app can be played in English and Hindi languages. There are many other interesting quiz topics available to be played on the Quizistan app such as GK, Hist & Geo, Current Affairs, Bollywood, Bollywood Dialogues, Food & Travel, etc. So you can play a game and earn money from the comfort of your mobile phone. Each of these quizzes is curated and created new each day so as to provide you with all new and updated facts and information. This makes Quizistan the best live online quiz game available.

All those people who run after their children to make them sit and practice maths instead of playing games on the cell phones can now be relieved. They can introduce this interesting way of practicing maths by playing mobile games to their younger ones. This will also help you to earn money online without investment on the app. Quiz on any of the topics contains a total of eight questions with 4 options. The user needs to answer each of these questions in 10 seconds. Winner will be selected according to the final rankings in a particular game.

Quizistan app can be installed from the website by both IOS and Android users free of cost. Users need to get registered before the quiz starts by paying a nominal fee. You can earn a 50-50 lifeline by referring to the gaming app to your known ones. One referral will earn you one 50-50 lifeline. When you are opting to use this lifeline, out of the three wrong answers, two of them will be removed. You can thereby increase your chances to win the cash. Go get you maths practice start now and win real money.