Aug 2018
Quizistan: The New Shareholder of Indian Online Gaming Industry

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Indian online gaming industry is growing approximately at the rate of 60% to 70% annually. The stat signifies that it is attracting more investors and shareholders rapidly. The newest category in the modern Indian online gaming industry is skill-based games that consists of quiz games and the newest edition in this segment is Quizistan.

The game offers real money to its users for answering the questions based on different topics. Here, users have the liberty to choose their preferred topics as the quizzes are scheduled on the basis of the topics. Quizzes are scheduled throughout the day and one topic is assigned for each hour.

That is another feature of Quizistan that separates it from its competitors as many of them do not offer choices on which users can select the theme of the quiz. The chances are quite few that you might find the topics of your interests there.

However, Quizistan offers its users every chance to pick their topics and earn money online. There are people who were good at certain subjects in their academics but they often do not find a way to exploit their interests. Quizistan offers you a chance to brush-up your knowledge and even earn money from it. Here, users do not have to wait whole day for the game to be online. They can choose any time slot, pick their topics accordingly, and play quiz.

Another significant point in the favour of Quizistan is that it does not complicate things. The money you win is real and you are not bound to any payment gateway or website for spending it. You can transfer it directly to your bank account. The game does not involve any hosts or live-streaming that offers a clear and no-fuss gaming experience. This is trivia gaming at its peak.

Rules for Quizistan

Some general rules for Quizistan are mentioned here for your smooth gaming experience.

  • 50-50 Lifeline: A lifeline is provided to you so that you can get out of a tight situation in the game. The lifeline eliminates 2 wrong answers and allows users to choose one right answer. This can be a great help in the case of a tough question.


  • Practice Mode: Unlike any other trivia game, Quizistan offers users a unique practice mode in which you can practice for answering the questions in the stipulated time. This is the best way to prepare for tough situations.


  • Level of Difficulty: The questions in each game follow a certain level of difficulty. The first few questions are easy and then you will face medium and then hard questions.


  • Earn Cash: The cash earned by every user depends on their speed of answering questions. You will get 10 seconds to answer each question. The time remaining after answering a question will be considered as your earned points. The points will determine your ranking that will ultimately decide the amount of cash you win. These points will be In addition, you will also get two chances in every quiz to double your points. This will be the 4th and 8th question. The points scored in both questions will automatically be doubled.


  • Winners: Determining the winners is quite simple as the people who gather maximum points will be declared winners. In the case of multiple winners, the prize money will be distributed equally among them.


So that’s it. Start brushing up your knowledge and get ready for an exciting round of questions of your choice. Visit the FAQ section of the official Quizistan website for more information. www.quizistan.in/faqs.html