Oct 2018

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Friends, video games and mobile games are perhaps the most popular and widespread form of entertainment at present. This is the best way to spend your time when you are sitting Idle. From all the games you will find on Google play store or App store,” Quizistan “is different in many ways.


Quizistan is a game which offers you to earn real money by answering questions on different topics on the basis of your knowledge, abilities and skills. We at Quizistan believe whether you win money or no but by the end of the day you would have more knowledge.#Knowledgewins


You can play the Quizistan game anywhere anytime, throughout the day by participating in any contest of your choice and win cash .

Live Games: 5 minutes,8 live questions and win up to Rs.8,000 Everyday
NO Live Host, NO Bakwaas, NO Elimination
You can play the live game by simply registering on any of the mentioned time below and you will get the money directly in your bank account.


12:30PM: General Knowledge   05:00PM: Brands
02:00PM: Cricket                          06:00PM: History & Geography
03:00PM: Science                         07:00PM: Who Am I?
04:00PM: Maths                           08:00PM: Bollywood

Double Up: Sahi Jawab do or Aage Badho

Question 4 and Question 8 will give you the chance to score double points and will also Increase your ranking among other players.
50-50 Lifeline: Earn a 50:50 lifeline for the live game

Two wrong Answers out of four options will be removed while playing the Live game, and only two options will be left in which only one will be the correct answer.

1.Refer Quizistan to your friends
2.Ask them to use your referral code while signing up
3.Earn a 50-50 lifeline for the Live game

Free GamePractice-Play, Repeat! Knowledge badhao or fir khelo

You can go for the practice game option, and play it anywhere anytime, while doing work, while traveling, while waiting for someone, It will boost your knowledge skills and other abilities and most important you will get prepared for the LIVE QUIZ GAMES by playing the practice game session.

24*7 HelpMaddad Har waqt Milegi

You will get any kind of Query related help from our customer service team. They are available 24*7 for clearing your doubts and helping you throughout any problems related to Quiz, Scores, Rankings and Money earned.

Download Quizistan on Google Play & Apple App Store

Download link: Google Play

To know more about the game visit : Quizistan.in

So, Friends Open your mobile phones, Download “Quizistan” from the Google play store or App store and Give it a try, You will surely like it once you will start earning money from your knowledge !