Sep 2018

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Whenever you get a complimentary dessert or extra toppings for free in your pizza, you feel special. However, this is a way for the businesses to tell you that they care for their customers and money does not matter always. This feeling of being special is common in everyone. And you feel even more privileged and esteemed when you earn some extra money without any special efforts. This becomes ‘icing on the cake’ when you earn money online in India through your knowledge of the affairs that you might have known since your school days or just by reading newspaper every day.

Quizistan is such an online trivia games that offers you a chance to earn real cash every hour. Who doesn’t love a little extra? You can instantly transfer the money in your bank account and enjoy your winnings. A small amount of cash earned in multiple quizzes throughout the day, can add up to a considerable amount in a week or in a month. And you are not bound to any payment gateway for spending it.

It can be utilised for a weekend treat in your office or you can use it to buy a gift for someone. The reasons for playing Quizistan Game may differ for everyone but the outcome is certainly beneficial for all.