Oct 2018
Quizistan App That Pays For Playing Quiz

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Online games could refer to so many games of different kinds. They could be counter strike or call of duty or other competitive mind games like chess, Poker etc. The term E-sports is the designated nomenclature used in reference to these, new world of competitive games where the stakes are higher and one can bag a decent amount of money from them on a regular basis by just spending a few minutes.

The Quiz show format is almost as old as TV itself. So perhaps we shouldn’t be surprised that the concept of a live quiz show on your mobile has arrived.


  • Quizistan is a game which offers you a chance to earn money by answering questions on certain subjects on the basis of your knowledge, abilities, speed and skills.
  • Quizistan pays you for playing quiz on different topics. It has created something a storm in media coverage and has the interest of the people in the live gaming approach.


  • The format of the quiz games is very simple and interesting, it is a race against the clock, with players who have to come up with the correct answer in less than 10seconds .Even if the player is unable to answer any questions he or she gets a chance to recover in the next question.

The game is full of exciting features with so many options.

  1. Live Games
  • You can play this game throughout the day by participating in any contest of your choice and win cash amount
  • 5minutes,8 live questions and win up to Rs.8,000 or more Everyday
  • You can play the trivia quiz game online by simply registering on any of the mentioned time below and winnings will directly be credited in your bank account.
  • All kind of topics are available like – General Knowledge, History & geography, Who Am I?, Bollywood, Music, Cricket, Maths, Science
  • Topic of quiz will be changed every hour, so that you will not get bored of playing the quiz on the same topic.


12:30PM: General Knowledge   05:00PM: Music
02:00PM: Cricket                          06:00PM: History & Geography
03:00PM: Science                         07:00PM: Who Am I?
04:00PM: Maths                           08:00PM: Bollywood

  • You can earn the cash money by scoring more points. The higher the points, the better the rank and more cash.
  • The amount you will win depends on your ranking during the game.
  • Question 4 and Question 8 will give you the chance to score double points.
  1. 50-50 Lifeline
  • Two wrong Answers out of four options will be removed while playing the Live game
  • Only two options will be left in which only one will be the correct answer.
  • Refer Quizistan to your friends.
  • Challenge your friends and see who is better.
  • Earn a 50:50 lifeline for the live game
  • New users will also get this live saving option.
  1. Free games
  • Free game option can be used anytime to practice for more and more live games, it can be used by anyone anytime anywhere.
  • Free games includes the same topic which are played in live games.
  • You will get prepared for the GK Quiz Online by playing the practice game session.

The idea that millions of players would want a TV Like experience based on a specific time daily seems to have taken the industry by surprise.

Now that you know everything about Quizistan, Why to wait and for What? Give it a try, You will surely like it once you will start earning money from learning!

  • Download the best live Trivia game to play and earn cash prizes.
  • Download Quizistan from the Google play store or App store