Mar 2019
Online Quiz for Competitive Exams

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In today’s competitive scenario there are so many online test series available on different websites. But most of the aspirants aren’t able to access these test series as it’s difficult to go through each website. However, these aspirants can test them by accessing a mobile app which is easy to carry and handle.

Quizzes are becoming one of the best platforms to test your knowledge and learn new things.

Practicing objective questions well before the paper is always considered a good way of preparing. Most of the quizzes are designed with an aim to help every competitive exam aspirant to revise the day at ease.

Keeping this in mind we have designed a new quiz game app Quizistan which will not only test your knowledge but at the same time will also win you some money. This app can help you in preparing for the competitive exams in a better and systematic manner.

With the competition for bank and SSC jobs increasing at a faster pace, it is the need of the hour to improvise the way to prepare for these exams. Looking at the importance of these competitive exams, it becomes essential to judiciously use the time and utilize the available resources.

Quizistan’s updated quizzes cover topics such as General Knowledge, Science, Mythology, Business and Politics, Food and Travel, Music, Bollywood, History and Geography, Mathematics and many more. You can play these online quiz games for free by choosing for the free game, however, choosing for a paid game can also win you some real cash.

To start playing and winning some real cash, you just need to download quiz app from the Google Play Store for Android users and App store for iOS users. There will be 8 questions in each of the quiz games which you need to answer in 10 seconds each.

If you do not answer a question in the given time limit you will get no points for that question. However, if you answer a question wrong or don’t choose any option you are still in the game. The questions are chosen from three difficulty levels easy, medium and hard to make sure aspirants are able to test their knowledge well.

To encash you winning amount you need at-least Rs 30 in your wallet. Also, you need to submit your original PAN card and an ID proof which is a mandatory requirement. If you have more than one account with Quizistan then your accounts will be blocked without giving any prior information. If you submit someone else’s PAN or ID Proof to play then also we have complete right to block your account.

The player should be more than 18 years of age which is a mandatory requirement to play our quiz game. Also, all the documents submitted should belong to the player with whose name the account is created on Quizistan.

Quizistan has one of the best in-house team which is always dedicated to bring something interesting for our players. We also have a dedicated team available on the help desk 24*7 to resolve any issues faced by our players.