Oct 2018
Mobile Apps that Earn You Real Cash & Rewards

Do you like playing Trivia games? Then, this new trivia game ‘Quizistan’ is the perfect option for you. Well! This money earning app not only brings you fun but at the same time allows you to win some cash. Now, you can test your skills and win cash while answering a few questions.

Quizistan is one of the best game apps for android that you can download from Google Play Store for Android users and can use it to earn some real cash.

You can download it on your phone and play it every hour to achieve your earning goals. If you want to earn higher rewards then you need to spend more time and stay committed. You can also play the practice game from anywhere anytime and it will not only boost your knowledge but will also prepare you to play our live games.

Using money earning apps is often rewarding not only in financial terms but also in increasing your knowledge. This is an app available for both the iPhone and Android users, and allows you to earn cash by playing the quiz on the topic of your choice. Your earnings totally depend on the mantra “Jitna Knowledge Utna Paisa”.

One of the best things about ‘Quizistan’ is that it is free to download and you can win cash prizes upto Rs 1000 every hour. The prizes keep increasing as the number of users increase.

You can play this trivia game from anywhere and it takes just 5 minutes to win you cash every hour. There is no live host, no bakwaas and no elimination, which means even if you aren’t able to answer even a single question in a quiz, you can simply try again after an hour.

If you are not good at a topic or you think that it’s just not for you, you can simply try your hand on some other topic and you will be required to wait only for an hour. If your knowledge of a subject is good it is better to use it to earn some real cash.

You can also earn a 50-50 lifeline by referring your friend. Earning this lifeline will give you a chance to get two wrong answers removed from the four options available to you. One of the remaining two options will be your correct answer. However, you will be able to grab the benefits offered by the 50-50 lifeline only if your friend uses your referral code to sign in.

Have you ever heard of Muscle Memory? Well! It is a kind of exercise in which people try to learn a thing by practicing it again and again. Quizistan also gives a similar platform by allowing you to prepare yourself for the quiz by practicing by playing the free game.

Our customer care team is available at your service 24*7 and you can call them anytime for clearing your doubts and getting any kind of help related to quiz, ranking, earnings or anything.

So, just download the “Quizistan” game from the Google Play Store or Apple Store and give it a try. You will surely fall in love with this money earning app for android once you start earning using it on your phone.