Mar 2019
General Knowledge Questions and Answers

Quizistan makes it easier to improve general knowledge of the students with the help of its GK trivia quizzes. The best part is that it is live online gaming app and you can win real money on the go along with brushing up your knowledge. The quizzes are designed in such a way that students of any age group can play the general knowledge quiz and learn new and interesting information. Each quiz is made with thorough research and facts to deliver new knowledge to the users each day. This makes Quizistan the best app for trivia games and online quiz games. Students will learn all the recent and updated knowledge every day without wasting their time.

With the increasing interest of the students towards the technology and the internet, it is difficult for the parents to make them sit and read articles and newspapers. This requires something that is a mix of play and learns in order to help students improve their general knowledge in a fun and interesting way. The better way is to turn their playing into learning with the help of gaming apps like Quizistan. Students love to play games on smartphones and spend most of their free time playing various trivia games. With our app, they can indulge in playing trivia quizzes from anywhere and brush up their knowledge on the go.

With the best general knowledge questions and answers, Quizistan makes it easy for the students to be updated with new information each day through new quizzes. The major motivation is not just winning but also winning the real money daily. You can make good cash out of the game by winning quizzes available on the app. The cash you win will be updated in your account and with that, you can register for new quizzes every day that amounts to very minimum cost. You can even refer the Quizistan app to your known people, who will love to play online live quizzes and gain knowledge along with prize money.

Other than general knowledge a lot of knowledge base and movie based topics are available to be played daily. Few other topics for the learning of the students available on the app are Science, Hist. & Geo, Who Am I, Maths, Cricket, etc. Topics like Bollywood and Bollywood Dialogue are also there that for the movie buffs. You can even challenge your friends and have a fun-filled knowledge session with the Quizistan app. A very interesting new topic is going to be live on the app, which is called Eldest Youngest. Quizzes like Who’s Lying and Who Am I can twirl your brain in a fun way.

You will earn one 50-50 lifeline on referring the game to one person that can be used while playing the live trivia quiz on the Quizistan app anytime. The app can be installed from the Quizistan website for both IOS and Android-based smartphones. You need to answer eight questions in each of the quizzes you will be playing. Each question needs to be answered in 10 seconds. Even if you have guessed the wrong answer, after 10 seconds you will be shown the correct answer. This will help the students to know the answer to each question for their knowledge improvement. Get the app and start playing!