Nov 2018
Best Free Trivia Game for Android and iPhone Users

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There have been very few apps which has taken the world by storm in the recent years. The trends of Trivia game is one of them.

Trivia games

This style of game is designed so that the contestants have fun while playing besides having the benefit of improving and expanding their knowledge, either general or in more specific areas. Its main objective is to create discussion and healthy debate among participants. It is not mandatory that Trivia winners have to get a prize and almost everyone is okay with that as their main objective is to have fun and learn at the same time.

Quizistan: The best Trivia games for android and iPhone users

Quizistan is a game which offers you to win real cash by answering questions on different topics on the basis of your knowledge, abilities and skills. Quizistan believes whether you win money or not but by the end of the day you would have more knowledge regarding so many topics. You can play the Quizistan game anywhere anytime, throughout the day by participating in any contest of your choice and win cash.

  1. Live games
  • 5minutes
  • 8 live questions
  • win up to Rs.8,000 or more                       
  1. Earn Real Cash
  • Yes it’s true, you can earn real cash money by winning the game and the money will be directly transferred into your account.
  • You can check your score and ranking at each level while playing the live game.
  1. Create an interesting mix
  • All kind of topics are available like – General Knowledge, History & geography, Who Am I?, Bollywood, Music, Cricket, Maths, Science
  • Topic of quiz will be changed every hour, so that you will not get bored of playing the same topic quiz.
  • You can play the live games by simply registering on the below mentioned game timings on various topics.


12:30PM: General Knowledge   05:00PM: Music
02:00PM: Cricket                          06:00PM: History & Geography
03:00PM: Science                         07:00PM: Who Am I?
04:00PM: Maths                           08:00PM: Bollywood

  1. Free games
  • Free game option can be used anytime to practice for more and more live games, it can be used by anyone anytime anywhere.
  • Free games includes the same topic which are played in live games.
  • You will get prepared for the Online Quiz Games by playing the practice game session.
  1. 50-50 life line
  • Two wrong Answers out of four options will be removed while playing the live game, and only two options will be left in which only one will be the correct answer.
  • Refer Quizistan to your friends
  • Ask them to use your referral code while signing up
  • Earn a 50-50 lifeline from each referral for the Live game
  • New users can also get this live saving option
  1. 24*7 Help line services
  • You will be helped anytime even in odd hours also by our team members. You can contact them anytime for the query related to quiz.
  1. It is fun
  • Playing this Trivia game is fun
  • Also it is challenging and competitive at the same time.
  1. Promote group harmony
  • Playing the game with so many other people who are virtually with you is an interesting part.
  • It promotes group harmony either within organizations, Colleges, or just a group of friends.
  1. Happiness and Emotions
  • Answering Trivia questions can make us happy, especially on Quizistan.
  • Friendly competitiveness can enhance your mood.
  • When you will win the game you will experience a sense of satisfaction and your brain will feel good.

Now that you know all about The Quizistan, Why to wait and for what?

  • Download the best live Trivia game to play and earn cash prizes.
  • Download Quizistan from the Google play store or App store