Nov 2018
Apps like Quizistan That You’ll Want to Download

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Today, Trivia games or quiz games have become one of the bestselling apps in the market. However, they may be irritating sometimes with several disturbing factors and time boundation. But this new trivia app ‘Quizistan’ is not like others. It gives you a chance to win cash prize every hour.

Apps like Quizistan are one of its kind of brain games where players are required to answer some trivia questions, and if they answer the questions correctly then they can also earn money.

The players get 10 seconds to answer a question and a game comprises of 8 questions in all. You can choose a topic of your choice and play to win the cash prize every hour. Your earnings depend on your score in a game.

Here are the reasons why you would want to download QUIZISTAN:

Expand Your Knowledge:

One of the major advantages of playing the trivia game ‘Quizistan’ is that you can expand the horizon of your knowledge base. It will help you in exploring the areas which you might never explore otherwise. If this online games is played on a regular occurrence, the topics and answers start seeming familiar.

Play This Free Game:

Just like other parts of the body, your brain also needs to be trained to achieve success in life. Did you expect to just enter a quiz and win it just like that? I certainly hope not!

Think back to school when you had a big test coming up your way, you would prepare for it to score well, Right!

Well! The case is similar with the trivia games. Keeping this in mind our developers have added a free game section in Quizistan app, where you can enter anytime to play free games and practice.

Teach Your Children New Things:

Quizistan is one of the best platforms where your children can play games and at the same time learn new things. The brain of children can learn faster and better in a fun environment. So, once they will start playing this trivia game you won’t be able to separate them from Quizistan.

A Great Way To Bring Family Together:

Quizistan is one of the best quiz games download and a great way to bring the family together. A night with family playing this trivia game will help in creating social interaction and at the same time can also keep your kids away from the TV.

Just imagine your family and friends sitting together and choosing a trivia subject to play on. Then, finally you all sitting together to play and the banter begins. Apps like Quizistan can be really enjoyable sometimes.

Positive Effect on Your Kid’s Mind:

There are many positive effects of playing online games like Quizistan. These brain games increase your kid’s ability to focus, analyse things, think and plan ahead and so on.

So, to enjoy all the benefits described above you can download the Quizistan game from the Google Play Store or App Store and start playing.