Apr 2019
5 Tips For Building Great Personality Quizzes

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Have you ever wondered how people create those fun personality quizzes? Well, in this article we’re taking an in-depth look at the personality quizzes and will also tell you how you can make one online quiz on your own.

So what is a personality quiz exactly? A personality quiz is a series of questions designed to reveal something about the respondent. So, when you are writing a personality quiz one of the most important and most challenging elements to focus on is the questions.

A personality quiz is a great way to create a personal content experience for your readers that’s truly all about them. Your quiz should give something interesting or surprising to your readers that will make them want to share their result with their peers. This means that the results you create in your quiz are an ideal medium to increase your reach via your readers.

Here is how you can create a personality quiz in 5 steps:

  1. Create a great title for your topic

First thing to make a personality quiz is a good topic. There are a lot of personality quizzes out there, so you’ll want to make sure your topic is unique and interesting.

If you choose a title that makes people smile, you’ve definitely made a great start.

Start with a working title, make it fun, and keep your quiz enjoyable and light.

  1. Ensure that personal data of your respondents is safe

It’s not wrong to collect personal data from the audience but it is more important to clearly communicate what you will be using the collected data for. Covering these basics will create a quiz that people feel safe playing and still gets you the data you want.

Tell your respondents these few things and they will feel safer to play your quiz:

  • Be clear about who is organizing the quiz and what the organization stands for.
  • State that you will use this data for internal purposes only and that you will not share the gathered information with third parties.
  • Allow people to opt-out from your quiz anytime they want to.
  1. Write questions that are fun to answer

When you’re writing your questions make sure you aren’t using a language too difficult to understand. Use your quiz to reach someone from a particular demographic and make them read and answer the quiz to watch their reaction.

If your respondent smile or act pleasant, you’re on the right track. If they aren’t you might have to rethink your questions.

  1. Create an exciting quiz for people

If you create quiz games where people are going to find out which movie star they are. It’s quite obvious they want to be Brad Pitt or George Clooney, not that one b-list actor from a decade ago.

  1. Make sure all outcomes are possible

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