Sep 2018
Reward Your Knowledge with Real Cash on Quizistan

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Quizistan, the most awaited trivia game show of this season is now live. You can download it and play on your Android phone. The game is attracting attention of thousands. And that too on the launch of its first two days. People are winning real cash prizes from as low as Rs. 15 to as high as Rs. 100. The online quiz games has become quite popular among the youth as it has already reached 10,000 likes on Facebook in only a few days.

The whole idea of Quizistan game is to encourage you for using the knowledge gathered over the years in your school or college days. What can be a better way to reward your knowledge?  And think about the things that you can do with all the money. Even if you win a minimal amount of Rs. 15 per quiz in one day, it accumulates up to Rs. 120 per day which is not bad at all. Imagine what you can do with this amount. You can pay for your prepaid mobile recharge or have a small party with your friends at the weekend. This small sum of money can also be a big bonus if added to your pocket-money.

Nonetheless, it is not easy to answer questions on various topics within the stipulated time. You can also practice trivia quiz for answering those questions in the Practice Mode or you can challenge a friend and test their knowledge as well. So, what are you waiting for?

Download Quizistan from – Google Play & visit Quizistan.in for more information.