Apr 2019
How To Make A Trivia Quiz
The general rule of writing a trivia quiz is simplicity. Keep the questions as simple as you can and don't give your players too many choices. Here a few tips on how to make a trivia quiz:
  1. Don't use advanced vocabulary unless your quiz is for testing vocabul...
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Oct 2018
Free Online Quiz & Test for Students
The Education system department of the country has witnessed an enormous growth in the education system in recent years be it schools, Colleges, Universities. Growth of Quantitative expansion is observed more rather than the Qualitative expansion. The first and simplest emotion we discover in ...
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Oct 2018
Quizistan App That Pays For Playing Quiz
Online games could refer to so many games of different kinds. They could be counter strike or call of duty or other competitive mind games like chess, Poker etc. The term E-sports is the designated nomenclature used in reference to these, new world of competitive games where the stakes are higher...
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Sep 2018
Quizistan – A Family-Friendly Trivia Game that Rewards You with Real Cash
May it be a Crossword or a Sudoku, everyone loves to do a few brain exercises every now and then but the trend is changing. Sudoku and maze puzzles will always be there but it is good to follow a change in trends and opt for the alternate methods for training your brain. This post is about the la...
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Aug 2018
Quizistan: The New Shareholder of Indian Online Gaming Industry
  Indian online gaming industry is growing approximately at the rate of 60% to 70% annually. The stat signifies that it is attracting more investors and shareholders rapidly. The newest category in the modern Indian online gaming industry is skill-based games that consists of read more
Aug 2018
The Immersive Quizistan Game is Now Here for Quiz Fanatics
Modern entertainment is ruled by the internet and integrated apps. People and especially youngsters love apps that are handy, savvy, and entertaining at the same time. And an app that offers cash prizes as winnings along with all these features is icing on the cake. One such app is Quizistan. ...
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