Sep 2018
Quizistan – A Family-Friendly Trivia Game that Rewards You with Real Cash

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May it be a Crossword or a Sudoku, everyone loves to do a few brain exercises every now and then but the trend is changing. Sudoku and maze puzzles will always be there but it is good to follow a change in trends and opt for the alternate methods for training your brain. This post is about the latest brain-train trend – trivia games that reward you with real cash.

Quizistan is such a online games where you have to answer the questions from your preferred topic, in the stipulated time, and you earn real cash. This is a 4-way benefit for the users as they get to play a free online quiz games, train their brain, enhance their knowledge of specific subjects, and get rewarded for it as well. Users get 10 seconds to answer a question and they earn points according to their answering speed.

Here, many will say that 10 seconds for answering a question is quite less as most people do not have the habit to do so. Therefore, Quizistan game has a ‘practice mode’ where you can develop a habit of answering the questions within the stipulated time. Users can choose their preferred topics even in the practice mode as the game boasts a huge database where thousands of general knowledge questions and answers are there only for the practice.

Furthermore, you can also challenge your friends and family for a specific quiz game. If one of your friends or family members shares some expertise in a topic of your interest, you can challenge them before entering a quiz games and check who is better. This mode offers a PvP experience as well.

Even if you are practicing only for fun, this approach might help many students in their preparation for competitive exams. This is because, most competitive exams allow you to only spare 10-15 seconds for each question. This can be a good way to develop a habit of answering the questions rapidly. In addition, you do not have to separately take out a big chunk of your time as the app is online 24/7 and you can access the ‘Practice Mode’ anytime you want. And you will never run out of practice questions as the game adds them on a daily basis.

For more information about the ‘Practice Mode’ & ‘Cash Rewards’ visit the FAQ section on the official Quizistan website. Click http://www.quizistan.in/how-to-play.html