Apr 2019
How To Make A Trivia Quiz

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The general rule of writing a trivia quiz is simplicity. Keep the questions as simple as you can and don’t give your players too many choices. Here a few tips on how to make a trivia quiz:

  1. Don’t use advanced vocabulary unless your quiz is for testing vocabulary knowledge:

Make your vocabulary as simple as you can and ask questions in an easily understandable language. You can also make use of some free tools to make sure your trivia quiz is easy to read and uncomplicated.

  1. Keep your questions free from slang, humor and cultural references:

By trying to be funny or unique, you may end up confusing and alienating your players. Make sure all players can answer your questions by using the language they know.

  1. Make sure each questions has suitable number of responses:

Using the same number of responses for each question generates a feeling of consistency and comfort for the player. Aim for three to four answers per question. Having too few responses can make it easy for the players to guess the answer. On the other hand, having too many responses can make it confusing by encouraging overthinking and second guessing.

  1. Don’t use too many true or false questions:

It is very easy to guess answer in true or false questions and they usually give away answers in their phrasing. Don’t include too many of them in your quiz.

  1. Keep everything short:

Keep your questions short, answers short, and the quiz itself short. Your players are trying to focus, and taking up time to answer a long and complex questions may drive down their score.

  1. Use the same grammatical structure for each question:

Switching between persons, tenses and phrasing might be confusing for your players. You should avoid changing the grammatical structure of your questions unless you are testing your players on grammar. It’s unnecessary distraction from the actual content of the quiz.

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