Jan 2019
General Knowledge Quiz Games for Students

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One of the best ways to test your general knowledge is by playing a quiz game and answering its questions. If you want to expand your learning about your society, culture, civilization, nation, food, and other surroundings, then going for a gk quiz online is a perfect option.

If we talk about a general science quiz it’s not based on only the specified information about a specific topic but on the knowledge about every aspect about human life. Mostly, in GK Quiz Games we play on questions on various topics such as general knowledge, mathematics, cricket, sports, current affairs, fashion, family, health, plants, mythology, bollywood, music, animals, food, travel, geography, history, arts and sciences.

In most of the quizzes, you will find that the questions are formulated with quite sincerity to ensure that these can prove out to be a great help in the personal growth of the player. Quizistan is a platform where a player can sit for a General Knowledge Quiz which can help him/her improve knowledge.

Our content writers know it well that it takes a lot of time and efforts to gain knowledge. Also, it is true that many human skills are judged on their learning obtained so far. Keeping in mind these things our team tries to generate questions that can help a player in personal growth.

Quizistan increases interest of the players with the fact that highest scorer takes the pride and the highest amount of money. Each game has a pre-specified prize amount which is divided amongst the good scorers of each game.

When playing Quiz Games you will be required to answer 8 questions that will flash on your phones screen one after the other. It is mandatory to answer these questions correctly in the minimum time frame if you want to earn a handsome cash prize. There is no elimination in this game in any case whether you answer a question wrong or skip one. This means, you are always in the game and have a chance to score well by answering remaining questions.

You can earn yourself a 50-50 lifeline which will be added to your account as soon you refer a friend and create a download. Every time you refer a friend, you get a 50-50 lifeline which can be used anytime to erase any two wrong options from the screen.

You can register for different games on various topics several times a day. This means, like many other games Quizistan doesn’t appear once or twice a day but you can play it on different time schedules. However, you need to pay the charges for playing a paid game. However, there is also an option to play free games on Quizistan.

You can download Quizistan Quiz Game for free from Google Play Store for Android and App Store for iOS users. It is no more a free game and you need to add some money to your wallet to start playing an online quiz.

Our content team designs questions in a way to improve your general knowledge. It is one of the most recommended games not only for students but also for teachers, and parents.