Apr 2019
General Knowledge Quiz Games for Students

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Every student like to play trivia quiz on cell phones. Solving quiz is not only fun but it also adds to our knowledge on various topics and areas. You all will agree that it is very much monotonous and boring to learn and improve General Knowledge and facts through books and just reading over the internet. Not only students, even the elder people these days prefer some interesting ways of getting brushed up with the latest facts and knowledge. These quizzes save your time as you can play on the go and improve your GK anytime. With Quizistan you can make money along with playing the quizzes and improving your knowledge.

Quizzes on Quizistan can be played by the people of any age group. Students of any age can take advantage of playing on cell phones and improve their general knowledge by playing GK quiz online. The best part is that every new quiz consists of fresh and updated questions in order to provide the players with the best information and knowledge. This makes the game more interesting and motivates you to think more and learn easily. Even the teachers can play these quizzes in order to be updated with the facts around the globe. This will aid in teaching new and interesting things to their students.

Many other quizzes are also available on the app like – science, Bollywood, Bollywood Dialogues, Maths, Current Affairs, Hist & Geo, etc. You can choose as per your interest and requirements and play accordingly. The best part is each quiz is allowing you to win and get cash rewards each day. All these quizzes are available in English as well as Hindi languages. Both Android and well as IOS users can install the Quizistan App and play quiz game general knowledge for students on their smartphones. The app can be accessed through our website anytime and you can start playing right away.

The app can be installed free of cost and you can register for the quizzes in advance by paying just the nominal costs that range between 5 rupees to 25 rupees. This smallest amount of registration will open the way that will provide you best-curated quizzes with interesting information each day. This will also give you the chance to win a huge prize amount. You can refer the game to your family and friends easily and double your chances of winning the prize money. Each referral will make you earn one 50-50 lifeline that you can use any time while playing the quizzes afterward.

It is the best app to participate in a live general knowledge test with people around the country and take up the challenge of winning over all those people. This will also make your parents happy as you will be no longer found wasting your time in other games on the phone which are of no use in relation to your knowledge improvement. They will be happy to see your improved general knowledge and that too with the help of a gaming app on your cell phone. Each quiz includes a total of eight questions with four options and the time provided to answer each question is 10 seconds.

You must have installed the Quizistan app by now. Happy Playing and Happier Winning!