Oct 2018
Free Online Quiz & Test for Students

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The Education system department of the country has witnessed an enormous growth in the education system in recent years be it schools, Colleges, Universities. Growth of Quantitative expansion is observed more rather than the Qualitative expansion.

The first and simplest emotion we discover in the human mind is ‘Curiosity’. Curiosity is the key to build and enhance your knowledge.

These days there are many mobile applications where you can play an online quiz and get rewarded, you just need to answer few questions within the time limit and you can win a huge cash prize.

Meanwhile while thinking about so many options of playing a quiz, What if you  learn about one such trending app. “Quizistan” is one such Trivia games. Its main objective is to create discussion and healthy debate among participants.

Quizistan: A joyful learning tool, Jitni Knowledge Utna Paisa

Features of Quizistan: This game is full of some interesting features and these are:

  1. Live games
  • 5minutes
  • 8 live questions
  • win up to Rs.8,000 or more everyday
  1. Free games
  • Free game option can be used anytime to practice for more and more live games, it can be used by anyone anytime anywhere.
  1. 50-50 life line
  • Two wrong Answers out of four options will be removed while playing the live game, and only two options will be left in which only one will be the correct answer.
  1. 24*7 Help line services
  • You will be helped anytime by our team members. You can contact them for any queries related to Account balance , Gameplay , KYC etc
  1. Focus on Quality not Quantity
  • Quizistan focusses on the Quality not on the Quantity, so only 8 questions are asked in 5minutes. Time given will be 10seconds for each question.
  1. Create an interesting mix
  • All kind of topics are available like – General Knowledge, History & geography, Who Am I?, Bollywood, Music, Cricket, Mythology
  • Topic of Online quiz will be changed every hour, so that you will not get bored of playing the same topic quiz.


12:30PM: General Knowledge          05:00PM: Music
02:00PM: Cricket                                 06:00PM: History & Geo
03:00PM: Science                                 07:00PM: Who Am I?
04:00PM: Maths                                   08:00PM: Bollywood


  1. Follow uniform pattern
  • All questions in a single live quiz game follow a uniform theme and out of the 8 questions asked, 4 are easy, 2 are medium and 2 are hard questions.


  1. Conducting the information
  • After every 2 questions you can see your rank based on the points you have scored and you can compare it with others.


This Mobile application can be downloaded and played by the students who would want to gain an extra income to fulfil their basic needs and they might never have to ask their parents to raise their Pocket money.

Playing general knowledge questions with answers quiz also gives the opportunity to enhance the knowledge skills in the competitive world.

Students preparing for government jobs and other Competitive exams can also make time to learn the new things and practice every hour, It will be very helpful for them just like revision before exams.

So without wasting any more time Open your mobile phones, download “Quizistan” from the Google play store or App store and Give it a try, you will surely love this game.