Sep 2018

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Most individuals go through quite a tough strain on their brains in their everyday office work. With time, this becomes a routine and their brain adapts to the everyday work. This situation is similar to your body that becomes habitual to the everyday household work and you need some extra physical work to maintain your physical fitness. Similarly, you must perform some brain exercises to keep your brain healthy. It can be anything from a Sudoku puzzle to a Crossword exercise. However, these two and other similar puzzles do not reward you with anything tangible.

Nonetheless, there is one alternative to all those – Quizistan, a live trivia game that rewards you with real money. You do not have to wait for puzzles in your newspaper as you can download the quiz games on your Android or iPhone from your respective application stores. Quizistan schedules quizzes according to specific topics such as Bollywood, Cricket, Maths, History, etc. Everyone studies history, geography, and maths in their school and college days but only a few people find their pragmatic use. Quizistan gives you a chance to utilize that knowledge in something extremely pragmatic and earn money playing games out of it. However, the game requires you to answer each question within 10 seconds and you might need some practice for that.

Don’t worry Quizistan got that covered as well. The trivia games comes with a practice mode that allows you to play a separate collection of questions that will get you into the habit of answering the questions within the time limit. What can be a better way for some brain exercise while enjoying with your friends and family and getting cash rewards for it?


For more information on Quizistan visit http://www.quizistan.in/how-to-play